Type And Face (2014)


[ENG] In a thrift shop nearby I found that old wooden squash racket which is already a beauty by itself. The strings form an interesting grid where its’ interspace can be seen as pixels, perfectly convenient to create images or animations. I chose to create a typeface and name it squash. It has two versions which differ in the scatter of the pixels. Version one uses every possible pixel, version two skips one pixel and more or less forms a package of four rectangles and treats it as one. The second version came up before the first one, which is smoother and more elegant. In between I made a stop motion animation consisting of about 2000 frames which are manually edited. The sound comes from an extract of a squash game recording where I filtered out the ball hits and adjusted them to fit the movement of the letters.

In addition to the digital misuse of the squash racket I swell went for the analogue. I turned it into a silk screen and exposed it while the strings where still on the racket to get a nice grid print on the paper. This gives me the possibility to create different shades of grey by turning the racket in a 45° angle and printing over the same paper a second time. It is basically the same principle the old masters like Rembrandt and Dürer used in their etchings and wood cuts. The more lines on one spot, the darker it gets. I tried this technique on a big paper sheet as my method is quite a rough one, not easy to control. I decided to paint/print a portrait of Jahangir Khan, ‘worlds best squash player’ from the 70s. (120 x 150 cm)